Face & Soul of Light Rae Exposures

Hey! You found me, let me introduce myself & GIVE YOU A CRASH COURSE ON ME!

The name is Marissa Rae. Brains & Beauty behind Light Rae Exposures. In a nut a shell I'm fueled by all good vibes, adventures and going with the flow. Sounds a little like a hippie with gypsy soul, right?! Totally, but I am a little more complicated than that!

Born & raised in Colorado I'm a little country & a little city. All into fashion and being flashy but on the flip side I will get down and dirty for a good hike, good story and good time! I am a rebel heart & free sprited. You can honestly find me anywhere. On top of a mountain, doing yoga on a paddle boarding, drinking a margarita at the beach. All the way to training dogs or riding horses, line dancing or dropping it low at the club to head banging at a metal concert and screaming at the top of my lounges. Or you won't find me at all because I am in the my house doing all DIY projects & editing and tapping into my creative side.

I've always had my hands in a lot of hobbies from being known as an animal whisper with a rebel heart that took a lot of photos. Working all the angles to see the world from a different point of view is my total vibe. Everything I do, I have the same goal- looking for beauty in every day life & turn it into art. Finding a deeper connection and doing everything with my whole heart. Photography is my personal way of turning hay into gold 🏅 I'm an empath and I feel emotions very deeply & love to turn them into art and forever keep sakes for all the milestones in life. With my photography I create your story through candid photos, movement and emotion. Creating beauty in every adventure and milestone to cherish for a lifetime and adding spice to it all and making it fun and personalized to you!


With dreams to be a photographer, camera always in hand Light Rae Exposures was established in 2011. Fueled with my love for fashion, capturing & creating beautiful moments. My goal has always been to bring out the beauty in everyone that I personally see and wanted to show how the world really sees you & moments in time. I've always been on on both sides of the camera with a love & background in modeling that has given me the headway to be the best photographer in directing my vision and getting people into poses that are flattering. I have always been tech savvy and messing around with Lightroom and Photoshop, perfecting and creating my wide contrast with muted tones, moody romantic style.


Being a perfect match is key! My goal is to capture your special moments with all the fun and personality to bring out the magic and beauty in your love. Light Rae is for the rebel hearts, the adventurous and go with the flow vibes. All souls are welcome here.


How Long have you been doing photography?

My mom always had fancy cameras growing up and I loved picking them up as a young child and learning the settings & angles to perfection. When I was 18 I bought my own and took it everywhere and captured amazing moments and realized I really do have an eye for this! My talent was validated by getting job offers for doing what I do! I love learning and photography is always a learning curve with different styles, trends and people. I love the diversity that keeps me on my toes.

How long have you been editing?

Since the beginning of time! As long as I can remember I have been tech savvy. Learning computer programs and the ins and outs was always easy for me. I added in my creativity and the rest was history once I found photoshop. For 10 years I have been using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.

Is this your full time job?

Yes! I turned my dreams into reality. I love what I do. I crafted all my talents in one. Making people feel and look good, exploring new places and meeting new faces.

Let's connect. Together we will capture greatness!