Wedding Day Tips

Pre-Ceremony TiPS


Advise your officiant to take a step away from you two when you go in for your first kiss. The goal is to avoid having a photobombing face in the background when you two are passionately kissing as newly weds and you have face just smiling, staring or doing whatever in the background taking away from this precious moment.

family Photos

Let everyone in your family know they will be included in the family photos and to stay around the ceremony site after you say "I DO!" This way we spend less time hunting down people and I can start directing and snapping photos and making it as quick and painless as possible. If guests or certain family members are seeing you before the ceremony and time allows it always helps to knock out any family photos before hand.

Getting Ready Photos

When your coverage starts the first things I will ask for is the rings and any other items (shoes, bouquet, something new, used & borrowed, invitations, garter, jewlery) to add into the detail shots. Have these ready so I can get the detailed shot out of the way. In this time frame I will be taking pictures of the dress on the hanger and the venue if it is set up. Set the scene for the getting ready shots of hair, makeup and getting into the dress of any clutter that won't look good in photos.

Mentally Prepare

Prepare to be infant of the camera all day. I am here for you and capturing the day. I will make it fun and exciting but it is a two way street.

Ceremony TiPS

walking down the aisle

When you or your bridal party is walking down the aisle they will be on camera and everyone is watching. What makes those shots look good is soft faces. Try not to blank stare and tense up. You can have your bridal party do something funny, cute or anything that ties into your wedding going down the aisle. The more extra the better for the guests and the camera. For the more traditional walk down just encourage everyone to smile, get all giddy or if that doesn't fit them just practice breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth to keep a soft face and gaze.

after the "i Do's"

You did it! The tear jerking vows have been said, you've exchanged rings and sealed the marriage with a. kiss. Now, its time to walk, run and cheer back down the aisle past your guest.

What makes for a great photo is stopping in the middle of the aisle and going for another kiss while your guests are standing and cheering. If, you forget I will be at the end of the aisle signaling for you to kiss at the end if we didn't get in the middle.

Cocktail Hour


Grand Entrances

Have fun with it. Dance, jump, skip, take a bow. You did it!

First Dances

Do you're thing. This is candid.

Cutting the Cake

Have the cake in a well lit, cute background.

Throwing the bouquet and Garter

Do a SIKE throw first to make sure I capture it.

When I arrive on scene the first things I will be asking for is the rings & any other details that will be added into the shots that are available. This could be invitations, something new, used and blue, garter, shoes, bouquet and jewelry.

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