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Wedding Date Secured. Now What?!

WOOHOO! You picked a wedding date. Congratulations! That is a huge step!

I am currently engaged and still have yet to do that. It is a tad bit overwhelming for me during these COVID times and I personally am okay with a longer engagement. That is just me though but we are talking about YOU and getting this special day planned and as stress free as humanly possible.

The wedding date is set. Now, you are in the running for making all the rest of the plans come together from the save the date, venue, decorations, cake, florist, photographer and videographer and the list goes on.

A question I get a lot is "when should I get a Wedding Photographer?"

Don't you fret. I got you.

By now I am sure you are all over Pinterest and following local or destination photographers that you enjoy their work and you want the same style of photos implemented on your day. If you haven't, get on that!

First Determine

  1. Wedding Date

  2. Venue

  3. Your Style You Want

  4. Your Budget

Wedding Date

Wedding Date is number one because when you determine your wedding date everything else can fall into place from there. As you scout out photographers when you reach out the first thing they will ask you is the when and where!? Photographers want to make sure right away that the date is available in their books and where is it because travel fee's may apply. You want to be finding your photographer right away if you want first dibs on your favorite photographer because they are someone else's favorite too. There is nothing worse than getting your heart set on someone/something and realizing they are all booked up for the season! Especially, if you choose a date in the heart of wedding season from May-October.

The Venue

Secondly, you want to know your venue if possible. I had style and venue tied for second but I decided to go with venue. My reasons for knowing your venue is if it is outdoors or indoors. This will tie into style so bare with me! Some photographers are all natural light so if you have a dark venue you are going to want someone that is familiar with darker settings and still capturing the aesthetics of you wedding. Keep in mind your venue and time of day and be sure to ask your chosen photographer how they can accommodate.

The Style

You want to know the style of editing and photographer that you want to capture the biggest milestone for you and your significant other. Do you like light and airy or dark and moody, muted greens and yellows in your photos. When you are looking at wedding photos and you fall in love with a photo. Ask yourself what it is about that photo that you are attracted to. The emotion in the photo, how it is edited and the creativity of it. Keep note so you know what you are looking for to be the best fit for your day!


Now this is a big one for my bargain shoppers out there like me. I am all for a good deal but there are some things in life that you learn that you get what you pay for and photography is one of them. I bargain shop my clothes, decorations and everything else but when it comes down to my tattoos and who is going to capture the day we dream of forever. You best believe I won't bargain shop for that, that is permanent. The decorations and the venue will change and be filled with a different look, the flowers will change, the people will come and celebrate and leave and go home and continue on with their lives. Your photos, that is what lasts forever. Keep that in mind for your $500-$4,000 wedding packages what you will be getting. You pay for expertise, editing style and what is included. Know your budget because those Instagram famous photographers aren't $500. They work hard to know the industry, up to date on editing styles and programs, their camera and everything else in between. You get what you pay for so know your budget when you are out lookin for vendors for your wedding.

In conclusion knowing these four things will help you find your photographer with ease. You want to know the date you are getting married. The venue for lighting purposes and travel fees and the style you want captured and that will match your aesthetics. Naturally, with wedding planning comes with a budget. You want to know your budget you are wanting to spend on your photographer.

Thank you for reading!

Marissa Rae

Light Rae Exposures



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