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Congratulations, you are investing in yourself & your business! Branding sessions can be a little bit intimidating. As a photographer I am here to share some tips and tricks to insure your session is uplifting & as powerful as the company you are building. Weather this is your first branding and content session or your millionth. It is always a huge step when you continue to invest in yourself and company. Even if you are a fellow photographer friend looking for advice and a work flow. I am here for you! So, lets get started. This is how I break down a branding session. Before, the date is even scheduled I always have a consultation to better understand the needs and vision to create a mood board & if I am a perfect fit for the project. The session is here, so lets break down my work flow on site.

First, I like to start out by taking pictures of the details, the props, the little nick knacks that are brought to the session. This way you get acquainted with the objects that you are going to be using in the session. This is the perfect warm up for getting the creative juices flowing and breaking the ice with chit chat! As well as making sure no prop is left out hiding in a backpack or car.

"If they mean something to you, they mean something to me." Don't be shy with your props. Props are always helpful in a session.

The more I understand my client and their vision the better the branding session gets as I bring it to life.

TIPS: For objects used in the session make sure they are freshly wiped down. Think of a laptop; you want all the finger prints off the screen and cover to optimize the fresh, clean & crisp look.

Now, that all the props are out & have been photographed it is time to add the star of the show & play around with the props.

The current trend for content is less in more. Using a solid color wall for the background. Use neutral or a color wall that is part of the branding color theme. With a solid background there is no distractions for the eye. It also, helps to have photos with a solid color behind you that goes with your branding colors or is a neutral because you can repurpose the photos and add text and create cover photos with your topic in that negative space for blogs and all social media platforms.

The last part of the branding work flow is the most simple one of all.

Change up the look. Change your outfit, change the background, move to a desk or a bed. You get the idea. The goal is to maximize your session as much as possible in the allotted time.

Branding Session Work Flow Break Down.

  1. Bring out & photograph the details & props

  2. Add the star of the show

  3. Change outfits, location & props

You can repeat steps 1 & 2 in between step 3! (: Happy creating!

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