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Looking Good For The 'Gram

Hey there!

Marissa here from Light Rae Exposures! I am so glad you are here and looking for tips on how to better pose in front of the camera. Don't you worry, I got you! I have spent years in the modeling industry from being in front of the camera till now, where I am always behind the camera helping others in pose.

We are going to talk about the 3 basics things that I am looking for and adjusting in all of my sessions, angles, framing and using your environment around you and of course YOU!


The most important factor in modeling and photography is creating angles with your body to create a composition that is pleasing to the eye. Standing straight on, arms down doesn't look as appealing. You got to add a little spice!! Move those limbs and work what your mama gave you!

Think triangles and S shapes are sexy and appealing. You create triangles & S shapes with your arms, legs and body. Creating triangles is as simple as just playing with your hair and looking off into the distance with your feet staggered. Creating "S" shapes with your body is as simple as staggering your feet one if front of the other and shifting your weight into that back hip and we can add the cherry on top by just bringing up your arm to your face.

Simple poses to do to create an angle is just by sticking your hands in pockets, playing with hair, swinging your arms, framing your face with your hands, squatting down and striking a pose.

Keep your arms away from your body. It's okay to be extra in photos. Extra looks BOMB. Swing those arms as if you are walking in a hurry crossing streets in NYC. Especially, if you are insecure about your arms or weight. Keeping your arms away from your body is helping create those angles and bring attention elsewhere that you don't want it.


This really helps when you don't know what to do with your hands. Start playing around with different ways you can frame your face with your hands.


You can literally use anything in your environment as a prop to help you in photos. Just got a wall? Cool, lean on it. Prop your foot up-creating and angle, stick your hands in your pocket

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