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Elopement or Wedding?!

There is a new trend that is getting a lot of spotlight lately-elopements.

Colorado Springs mountain elopement. Two newly weds dressed in a suit and tie, white wedding dress with a bouquet of flower. Piggy back rides. Candid photoss

Growing up as a little girl I always pictured myself having a big wedding for everyone to see. With a big mansion venue, decorated to my taste with every person I could think of from family to friends to come celebrate my prince charming and I turning into the King and Queen we feel burning inside our souls. Can you tell I watched a lot of princess and love stories growing up!?

That dream quickly shattered when I did my first elopement as a wedding photographer.

I just realized that personally an elopement was for me and I fell in love with the way this couple did their elopement because it was so me in general. They went off roading in a Jeep, exchanged their vows on a boulder, popped champagne and ate some sandwiches from Whole Foods and brought some beers and White Claws in a cooler.

4 people total up on that mountain. The officiant, the newly weds and me to capture their entire day. I had a BLAST to say the least. I came home so high on life and raving to my fiancé and anyone who would listen for a week about the elopement I just did. Here I am STILL talking about this elopement. It is because this Colorado native that is all about off roading, enjoying the little things and being in nature is what I am all about and this couple opened my eyes to everything that burn inside me.

Here are the reasons why I fell in love with elopements

  1. Intimate Setting

  2. Cost Effective

  3. I am always wandering around the mountains

  4. I love off roading to take me deep into the mountains

If you are debating between a wedding and an elopement you need to think of what makes you happy. Not what your family and friends want but what personally you and your fiancé want out of this milestone for you two. Elopements aren't for every body just like Weddings aren't for everyone. There is also an in between for a little mix of both called micro weddings. Stay tuned and I will go over those another day!

Intimate Setting

When two people come together to express their love for each other, exchange vows and decide you are the one they want to make this journey with forever you either want to pay for everyone to see this or just go off and do it on your own. The intimate setting is for anyone who doesn't want to please the crowd, gets anxiety in big groups all the way to simply realizing that you just want it to be about you and your fiancé. The whole day is seriously about you two. There is no deadlines and a time frame of a venue. You get to do what you want, when you want. There is no pressure unless you apply the pressure.

Cost Effective

A new era has risen! It is being conscious of what money buys you. Some people don't mind dropping 30k on a wedding. There is nothing wrong with it at all. It is all on your personal values. I originally planned on spending all my money on my wedding and a honey moon but as I got older and had to pay my own bills since I was 16 the reality starts to hit that no I would rather spend 30k else where. All I do is crave travel and experiences and I realized that I would rather spend the most money on a photographer and videographer to capture my special day so I can forever cherish those moments and feel that the money was worth spent. I always tell everyone that the flowers will die, the decorations will be taken down and the venue will host a new wedding. What last forever is your memories and how you preserve them and that is what I personally want to spend my money on. Once, I am officially married I plan on doing what I do every chance I get is take off and explore somewhere new. This time with my husband on our honey moon to continue on celebrating us and how far we have come and the memories and milestones we have made together.

Little Planning

There is little planning needing for an elopement. They can be spontaneous or planned. All you need is a date, and officiant and a photographer to capture this day. Right there the officiant and photographer count as your witnesses to sign that paper to say you are NOW MARRIED! You can add anything else you please. It is all about you and your fiancé and you call the shots. Sounds amazing right?! If this sounds like you. Elope! If this isn't what fires your heart than a wedding is for you.

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