Working with light Rae exposures

These aren't just your mama's family portraits. Yes, we will definitely get the traditional everyone look here and smile but I love to add a little bit of spice after that warm up. I will bring out the personality and the dynamics of your family and capture those candids. When booked I send out a little questionnaire with my tips and tricks for sessions to get to know you and your family better.

the when?!

Families are always growing with marriages, newborns and adoptions. This are all reasons to celebrate. Families are busy and sometimes it's rare that everyone is in the same state- spare an hour and come hang out with me.

Everyone is living their busy lives but it is always special to just take a moment and get together and enjoy an hour of just family fun with the starring guest Marissa! It is okay to loosen up and get goofy. It looks good on camera!