Bre & Siana hired me for their engagement photos the summer of 2022. They fell in love with my work after our mutual friends wedding and just knowing me through the grapevine. I was beyond honored to capture this moment for them and have their full trust on capturing their love story at such a dreamy location. 

I was so pumped about this location that I planned my weekend around it. The last time I was here was the year prior for my birthday celebration and off roading on the trails at the Sand Dunes National Park. There is so much to see and do here that I will jump on any moment to come back and relive the magic of the Sand Dunes. 

I camped out on my friends property 15 minutes down the road and brought my family with me and had our own time exploring the sunrise of their shoot. In this blog I will go over the best times to have a session at the Sand Dunes weather you are eloping, wanting engagement photos or any type of creative style shoots. This is the simple guide for you! 


It is really straight forward and hard to miss. There is multiple parkings lots to pull over and get out and experience The Great Sand Dunes. My current favorite is right up front in the bigger parking lot. This parking lot has a restroom, fountain of water to fill up any water bottles and wash off the sand on your feet before you get back into your car. BONUS! 

I also love this spot because the river runs through here. Personally, I adore and am obsessed with water and love what it adds to the experience of the Sand Dunes and show off the beauty and the magic of The Sand Dunes. 

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Coordinates

37°43′58″N 105°30′44″W / 37.732870°N 105.512120°W


With every popular drop dead gorgeous location at a national park you have to keep in mind the other tourists and people that will be there. Naturally, the early bird will get the worm. The warmer seasons and weekends will always have more people as well.

 When I was there at sunrise there was significantly less people and I didn't have to photoshop people out when taking my personal family photos and just capturing our adventure. The sunrise was glorious with the moon still visible, (my favorite!!) Temperatures were warm and comfortable and you really didn't have to worry about other people-also my favorite!!

The Sand Dunes is a desert so the longer the sun is out the more the sand heats up. If you have pets with you, this is something you really need to think about and don't recommend it for your fur-babies. 

Naturally, at a sunset there was a lot more people. You can't tell in these photos since I edited so many groups of people out exploring, sand sledding and the whole nine yards. The further you go into the sand dunes you will run into less people. It is a bit of a work out so know your own strength and comfortability is ideal. The sunset did not disappoint and after the it set we hung around and played in the water and blue hour before the session ended.


A lot of couples choose my work for the movement and artistic touch. One thing that I LOVE playing with is movement.

Weather that be fabric, the wind, your outfit or having you to do action based prompts. To really add to your session bring multiple outfits, bring loose fabric to play around with and really add to the dreamy, wanderlust feel to this location.

Bring sandals to walk around in. The kind with a strap. It makes the world of difference so you don't have to have sand in your shoe and socks. If you are wanting pictures with heels or any type of other shoes bring them along with you to change into. Trust me on this...this is for your comfort! 

Water and snacks! You don't have to have them in the session with you but you want this in your car for afterwards. There is not a lot around this location and depending on the time of your session. Restaurants may already be close or not open yet. You can also have drinks and food part of your session. Make it date, like a picnic. That is always super fun for a part of your session!

Bring a backpack for all your supplies to carry with you so we don't have to talk back to the parking lot. The sand wears you out trucking up and down those sandy mountains!

Thank you for taking time to read my blog

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