I don't know about you But..

I am a sucker for any accent and bonus points when I am the photographer capturing this adventurous love story going down! I can listen to them all day and just be in awe. Wilyrm was from England and rocking a British accent telling Valeria-from Russia how much he just loves her and all the adventures they have been on. Both of their immediate families traveled to hike up to Saint Mary's Glacier in the Colorado Rockies to witness them exchange their vows and seal it with the famous "I do," & a kiss.


The groom and his family hiked up to set up for the ceremony before the bride and her family started on the adventure all in the name of love. Wilyrm is such a romantic that he left rose pedals along the trail in the shape of a "V" to let Valeria know she and her family were on the right path. Seriously, the cutest!!

Valeria's family flew in from Florida the day before and weren't adjusted to the colder temperatures and thin air. It was a bit of a hurdle for them to get to the destination ceremony site but with some breaks and taking it slow we all made it! To Saint Mary's Glacier it is about a 15-20 minute hike from the parking lot depending on the pace you take. It is a 2.4 mile hike out and back near Idaho Springs, Colorado. Generally, the hike is considered a moderately challenging route. This is a very popular area for all walks of people and their hobbies so you are likely to encounter people and it is another one of Colorado's gems that has now been placed on the map and tourists come. I am a speed demon and race up mountains. It works out perfectly for everyone since I get to snap the candids from different angles, lead the way and give you someone to follow. If you are thinking of having a micro wedding at St. Mary's Glacier consider your guests and advice them they may need a can of oxygen, come into town with as much time before hand to adjust to the new climate.


Things to know when planning an elopement/micro wedding at saint mary's glacier.

Parking lot & fee

The road is paved on the way to the trail. It is a small dirt parking lot. The parking fee has now moved from $5 cash to $20. You will need cash and a pencil to fill out the form for the parking permit.

Be sure to check out any road closures due to weather. Especially in the late fall-winter months.


The hike

Saint Mary's Glacier is a 2.4 mile trail there and back. All together it can take 1.45 hours to complete. You will hit the lake first and the glacier is a little ways passed the lake and totally worth it! Don't just stop at the lake! The trail is considered moderately difficult due to the incline. Dogs are welcome but must be leashed.


Mountain weather is always coming and going. The best time for this trail is from April-October. During the winter months check for road closures and when you are hiking spikes are really helpful on this trail.