A Dreamy estes park wedding

Look at me. actually writing a blog post! There is a high chance I will be switching up how I send sneak peaks so I can hit one bird with one stone with all things photography. Blogging is always on my list but I never seem to have time nor make time for it. Such a struggle. You know what wasn't a struggle?! Melanie and Tom's wedding day celebration!

Let me paint the picture for you of a beautiful Wild West wedding with some wild love.

Their morning started off with getting ready at a nearby cabin in Estes Park with views of the lake of the mountains. A bald eagle swooping in for its fishy breakfast while another bald eagle swept in his next meal. TWO BALD EAGLES sharing breakfast in the most Wild West way as they started their pot of coffee and the start of a glorious wedding day into the depths of Rocky Mountain National Forest for their intimate ceremony.

Here are the sneak peaks that I pulled from my first round of culling and editing. Of course...I hyper focused in on the moose because well there was A MOOSE. Do I need to say more?! I am in Estes Park A LOT and I see elk on the daily. I didn't see a single elk that day. Which was strange but the juvenile moose grazing in the lake made up for it and added the cherry on top of the day.

Melanie and Tom's wedding celebration was perfect for them. They are an outdoorsy couple, always ready for an adventure. Enjoy!

Ok..Marissa all your photos are so dreamy but this one has more sass to it.

I had to add this photo in for a few reasons...

  1. I love sass, personality, raw moments. Not only do a capture dreamy moments but I snap candids and am always tuning into my documentary style of photography as well.
  2. Meet my ideal client (feels so wrong to say. Meet my new friends!) that I just fell in love with their love. They are adventurous, ready for all of the creativity we had to offer and are just madly in love. When I first met Melanie on a zoom call with Erin from Sunburnt-Studios we all just knew we were the perfect match for one another to capture the most special moment in Melanie and Tom's life together.

Personally, I really relate to Melanie just off vibes and the planning process. Once, the big day was here it was set in stone that we were meant to connect for their wedding day. She is the type of bride I would be. Wearing hiking boots, don't need a hand down a mountain and always ready to climb one. The next day they woke up at 3am to go hiking in Estes...like if that doesn't sound like something I would do, I don't know what does! Tom, her husband reminds me of my fiancé. Tom is such a gentleman, always thinking of her and really making the little parts of their relationship into what defines them. From the pre ceremony moments of reading letters while holding hands and not seeing her she was in tears from what he wrote. He is so sweet and such a romantic. This was one of the weddings that had Erin and I tearing up from all the raw emotion flying around. This is what we live for and what sets our heart on fire.

Here is a long winded caption of a candid photo I took of Melanie saying "nahh, I don't need a hand I got my hiking boots on." I am obsessed. They can't take a bad photo to save their lives!

Thank you Melanie and Tom for having us along for the ride to capture your love. It has been a dream come true!