There are many reasons couples choose the route of having their wedding celebration at an AirBnb. Just to list a handful you could be on a tighter budget, don't want to be on anyones timeline but your own. AirBnb and Vrbo offers the ability to rent your own space, with your budget.

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Finding the perfect venue


Airbnb and Vrbo are great websites to search for the perfect venue to host a wedding. I do find that AirBnb caters to more narrowed down searches if you are wanting a tree house, mansion with a lake view and you can set your own filters if you are looking for specific amenities and a price range. Searching by amenities you want will speed up your planning process ten fold! Vrbo has great filters as well that are all really similar to AirBnb to help narrow down your search.


While you are searching and planning your wedding day there are key factors you want to keep in mind.

  1. Color Pallet and Overall Aesthetic - If you are wanting a modern feel to your wedding look for white walls, high vaulted ceilings and windows. You wont get this look in your photos if you choose a rustic cabin. There are wedding venues that have a private lake with canoes ready for you to hop in. This makes for dreamy photos so really think about the venue, the experience and day you want and of course the decor that will complement your wedding day and add to the photos!
  2. Ask Your Photographer - If you have any questions at all, ask your photographer on what they think the best photos will be for your overall feel you want. If you haven't picked a photographer yet no worries. After reading this you will be one step closer to finding what you want. Pick your photographer off their editing style you like and want reflected for your wedding day. You also really want to vibe with them. Wedding photographers are a big part of your wedding day experience. You want to choose someone that fits your style from their editing, composition and experience and doubles as someone you would hang out with outside of work.
  3. Accommodations - One thing that gets overlooked is the vendors that you hire and how they will set up. Ask your vendors what they need for set up and accommodate as best as you can so it is a smooth process for everyone. Also, don't forget about your guests. Are they going to be staying on site or nearby? If your venue is deep in the woods I would suggest accommodating them at the venue so everyone stays and parties with you and they don't have to think about the drive home that night!

Check policies

Some AirBnb's and Vrbos don't allow events and parties. Make sure you read the policy and guidelines so that you are clear on what to expect from their guests during the duration of your stay. Most locations allow them but will charge and extra fee for the event. Still ends up being cheaper than an actual wedding venue! Such a score!


the who, what, when, where and hows

From getting ready to a reception area, start visualizing when looking at venues where everything will be. Some questions to ask yourself

  1. Do you have enough space to get ready with your bridal party?
  2. Where will your ceremony be? If it is outside, do you have backup plan for weather?
  3. Will there be a cocktail hour? Where? Who is setting it up? When will it be set up?
  4. Does the space require any rearranging for different sections of your wedding timeline? ie converting ceremony into a cocktail hour
  5. What is for dinner? Catering in or having a private chef cook a meal for you and your loved ones?
  6. Are you having any first dances? Where?
  7. Will you be having a DJ? Where would the set up?
  8. Does the venue have a place for you to take newly wed photos or is there an awesome location nearby?

If possible, consider visiting the home to take pictures and really plan it out and share with any vendors you will be hiring to make your wedding day perfect for you and your babe!

If having a stunning AirBnb Wedding is up your alley, I would love to help you with the planning process along with capturing your love story. With photographing over 500 weddings and elopements around the world, I can help you craft the wedding of your dreams. Take the first steps by filling out my contact form.

Ceremony here or there

Weather you choose to have the ceremony at the AirBnB/Vrbo or at another location there needs do be some planning and thought going into how it will all work and flow in the timeline you want your day to go. In the event that you are doing your ceremony at a nearby location be sure to calculate the drive time there and add a little buffer time.

Rocky Mountain Estes Park Micro Wedding with Mountain backdrop


I have done over 500+ weddings. I have seen it done many ways and they all work! That is the beauty of my job. It is always something new and unique towards you! I have seen the whole ceremony be at the AirBnB or the ceremony is elsewhere and the reception is back at the house or you are only really getting ready at the house and the ceremony and reception are elsewhere. Whatever you chose that works for you will be perfect as long as you answer all the questions above so you are prepared for you day and have a backup plan just incase something needs to be shifted around. It happens!