Ryan's Proposal to elena

I am not going to lie, this proposal was was a little tricky because Ryan's chosen location was on top of a smallish hill that had amazing views when you get to the top. I arrived 30 minutes early but they were already there. I have never had anyone beat me before-especially a proposal session. I would have been there 45 minutes early but my GPS was taking me a very weird way and I am glad I caught it when I did and turned around before I got too deep into this back road.

Turns out it didn't matter how early I was. I would have had to be an hour and a half early to beat them! They were really enjoying their views. They traveled all the way from Virginia. There was no one around besides Ryan and Elena already at the top hanging out enjoying each others company in the gazebo. They were able to see everything from me driving down the road and parking, getting out and heading up this hill. I was extremely nervous and caught off guard not being the first to arrive. Everything worked out though as it always does! As I was traveling up towards them hiding my cameras behind me. I didn't want them swinging all around bringing any more attention to me. Ryan dropped down on one knee-Mid incline. I swung my cameras in motion and started shooting away to capture the moment! Here are just three of the shots from the proposal.

The hard part was over

Now, that the hard part was over of me racing to the almost top of this incline and I got the proposal photos! Woohoo! Check. Time to celebrate and keep the good vibes going with some engagement photos to follow. If, I don't say so myself these photos turned out beautifully. Can't go wrong with mountain fall foliage as a backdrop. Ryan & Elena brought so much energy the brought to the table and were down for my all my poses and action based prompts.

The clouds were rolling in and there to stay. The hid the sunset this evening but I am all for moody clouds. As a photographer you got to work with what you are given.

Below is just a taste of what they got in their final gallery.