Meet Marissa

Heart & Soul of Light Rae Exposures

I am an empath & I live for documenting the honest moments of your big day. I notice the in between moments that tell the story of your relationship as they sew together your big day. Bringing your love into the realms of digital art that we create together.
I love exercising my creative eye with drawing, painting or any type of DIY projects. If I am not creating I am on an adventure or training dogs.

Your Investment



Below are my three branding collections that are all designed to get you the most content to represent your company to bring in your ideal clients. All my collections are designed with you in mind to be successful in your journey from just starting out & needing some headshots, website & social photos to content planning your social media across the board in a strategic fashion.

Branding Collections


-4k High Resolution & Web-sized Digitally Crafted & Edited Photos For Download In Your Online Gallery with Access to Professional Print Lab

-Social Media & Website Rights

-Branding Identity Consultation & Planning

-Creation of Shot List

The Fast Lane

-1 Hour Content Branding Session 

-40 Digitally Edited Photos

-5 Polaroids

Perfect For getting your foot in the door with content. Headshots for your website with candid life style and product photos that represent you and your company


lil' Country

- 2 Hour Branding Session 

-Full Gallery

-10 Polaroids

Perfect For: A little deeper of a branding session on a budget creating & diving deep into catching the eye of your ideal client. Creating personalized crafted styled sessions specific to your branding vibe that screams you and your company and stands out from the rest. Good for months worth of content, two locations nearby each other & multiple outfits.


The Main Road

-Full Day Coverage

- Multiple Locations & Outfits

-BHS Videos & 5 Reels

Perfect for wanting to get your entire branding checklist checked off and ready to add value to your ideal client. With behind the scene videos you can create Reels, TikToks, have all the Pinterest content to blog and share all over your socials & website. I will personally create 5 reels for you to share with the recent trends.



USB of Gallery $25 per USB

Additional Photo $10

Studio Sessions $100 (prices can vary)

Full Gallery $150

Second Shooter $300

Extra Coverage $500/HR

Full Copy Rights Buy Out $700


I am located in the Denver metro area. I love traveling and will travel to you! If this is the case. Lets discuss my travel fees. I love traveling. Feel free to bring me to your state!


Do you travel?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love traveling and miss the days when I was a flight attendant. Discounts are available if you fly me to you!!

can I have the raw files?

The short answer, no. A few reasons why. RAW files are very large and take up a lot of space and they are very unflattering to the eye. You are paying for the artistic ability and knowledge and to have trust in your photographer to get the photos you want and have them edited to perfection.

How many images will be in my gallery?

If you purchase the full gallery you will get a minimum of 115 photos for every hour we shoot.

when will we receive our photos?

The delivery time varies depending on how many session I have in the post production process. You will at least receive a sneak peak within a week. Leave up to 1-3 months for the final gallery.

Do you bring back up gear?

Yes! I always bring backup gear just in case in the off chance something malfunctions or we are needing more light. I will have external flashes, SD cards, lenses and batteries ready to go! I come prepared for all scenarios!

Do I need a second shooter?

Second shooters are always great to have a second eye and angle. They work great for larger branding sessions as well.

What is a shot list?

From the information that I gather from your business I will be creating a shot list to make the most of our time together and based off the package you have chosen.